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Folk music performance
teaching by empowering creativity
therapeutic accompaniment
building community


When I was 5 years old,
I saw some kids playing fiddle on Sesame Street
and thought it looked like fun! 

So began my musical formation:

  • Classical instruction, Suzuki Method age 5-18, along with group fiddle lessons. Many thanks to teacher Sheila Raim!
  • Growing up surrounded by Mennonite four-part hymn singing
  • Mennofolk with Hoad’s Tornado and Rick Reha
  • English and Irish pub sessions in London, England
  • Pete Cooper course Transatlantic Migrations (how songs changed between the UK, Ireland and the US)
  • Teaching private lessons to various students through the years

Char’s Music Biography

Charletta Erb Music Resume


Author: charlettaerb

Blue eyes, one who laughs (loudly), a Marriage and Family Therapist, likes to weed or fiddle while wearing a red dress.

One thought on “Welcome to

  1. Charletta, the web site is great. i wish I could listen to you play more often.

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