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Charletta began violin lessons on a cereal box at age 5, inspired by some kids playing on Sesame Street. An earnest classical student, she learned songs both by reading and sound.  In group lessons, she studied old time music though childhood, and performed on the back of a truck bed at local fall festivals, summer camps, church, nursing homes, and in Iowa State junior honors orchestra. By high school, she took on classical guitar instruction, played first chair in orchestra, and practiced for choir while running with the cross country team (think lung expansion). In college, she favored folk music settings: Old Time jam sessions at farmer’s market, square dances, twin fiddling improvisational ecstasy, and a bluegrass band. Living a few years in London, UK, she enjoyed pub sessions with English, Irish tunes and banter. These days, you’ll find her at Old Time Fiddlers jam sessions in Oak View, California. The State Old Time Fiddlers Association just awarded her 1st place in the young adult division. When she’s not fiddling around, she works in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Ojai as a pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Author: charlettaerb

Blue eyes, one who laughs (loudly), a Marriage and Family Therapist, likes to weed or fiddle while wearing a red dress.

One thought on “Char’s Music Bio

  1. “Auntie” Charletta,
    Enjoyed the passion expressed in your music.
    Peace and blessings

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